SolarCoin – Decarbonization with Crypto

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SolarCoin is a crypto asset with a deeper meaning: you get SolarCoins when you generate solar energy. This promotes the construction of PV systems and helps against climate crisis.

What is SolarCoin?
You receive SolarCoins as a bonus when you generate climate-friendly photovoltaic electricity. You receive one SolarCoin (symbol: SLR) for every MWh of PV electricity you generate.

What´s the mission?
The issuance of SolarCoins is intended to further promote photovoltaics. This will help to protect our climate.

Who is behind SolarCoin?
SolarCoin has been initiated by the SolarCoin Foundation. The co-founder and mastermind behind the initiative, launched in 2014, is Nick Gogerty, author of Nature of Value on sustainable investing. Links to a 1+ hour interview about his background and motivations for SolarCoin (2016) as well as a Youtube interview from September 2017 can be found here.

How do the concepts of Bitcoin and SolarCoin differ in terms of sustainability?
Bitcoin is highly valued due to its scarcity. In 2023, the electricity demand for bitcoin is much higher than the electricity consumption of Austria. Bitcoin is on its way to become one of the largest consumers of electricity in the world, leading to higher electricity prices,

And what about SolarCoin?
Anyone who contributes to climate protection with a photovoltaic system will receive SolarCoins. This supports the construction of new PV systems. The number of SolarCoins to be issued is limited to the expected PV production for the next 20-30 years. For every MWh of solar power produced, one SolarCoin is issued free of charge. SolarCoin runs on the highly resource-efficient PoA (Proof of Authority) based Energy Web Chain (EWC). News about the trend of sustainable crypto assets on Mic, Leafscore and Independent.

How to get SolarCoins?
You need a wallet to which you can transfer the SolarCoins, more information on Solar power producers with SMA inverters can easily register for SolarCoin via the SunnyPortal and receive them automatically. The higher the SolarCoin price, the more lucrative PV systems become. This can significantly contribute to the realization of PV systems.

This is no investment advice but for informational purposes only.

Where can I find up-to-date information on SolarCoin?